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EQUUS HD 02/08/09 and 02/09/09 @ 8PM WHDN Boston WHDT South Florida Air Stunning Home Shopping Equine Experience in a New Episode of EQUUS HD

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WHDT South Florida  and  WHDN Boston are already on the air  ahead of the scheduled DTV transition date providing new HD TV Shows and are  featuring EQUUS  HD.

Equus  HD is the leading source for purchasing and selling pre-qualified world‐class performance horses . The  original co- production airs on  WHDT throughout South Florida and sister station WHDN Boston at 8PM  Sunday(s) &  Monday(s).  The show’s  companion web site will launch mid-February, 2009.

The new HD TV show is  being applauded by life long horse professionals and horse enthusiasts alike. The  growing audience agrees ( see comments below)  that Equus HD is the way to see what’s On in the horse  market as the audience member can experience the horses themselves through  the  stunning  high quality on location motion picture production and broadcast that only  HD  720/60 P  provides to a TV audience.

With world class knowledge in horses , judging and  riding techniques, as well as being consummate trainers, the champions  Ida Anderson and Brenda Doneth introduce and evaluate each horse and are Co-Hosting   EQUUS  HD. Within the show, they  share their genuine love and enthusiasm for horses.

Show Host Ida Anderson , known in the dressage world, gives a Kiss to horse Cody

Show Host Ida Anderson , known in the dressage world, gives a Kiss to horse Cody

Riding Instructor and Equus HD Co-Host Brenda Doneth

Riding Instructor and Equus HD Co-Host Brenda Doneth

Ida Anderson is known throughout the dressage world.    Our stable of Equus  HD horses consists of animals which have been carefully reviewed and evaluated by experts. says Ms. Anderson.

The capabilities and potential of our horses can truly be seen in high definition by millions of television viewers in New England and in South Florida. says  Co- host Brenda Doneth.

Together,  Ms. Anderson and Ms. Doneth naturally  include  the TV audience in their best details , culled from   combined professional experience found deep inside the horse world, be it a highly competitive international sporting activity or a passionate at home  hobby so the audience can best  make an informed purchasing choice.

EQUUS  HD production,  along with the hosts exacting specifications,   is elegantly conveyed and broadcast right into the  audiences’ own living rooms with an original  musical score composed by the extraordinary performer , concert guitarist and gifted master guitar craftsman  Constantinos Jaferis

EQUUS   HD is, in part, sponsored by Champion Titanium Horseshoes makers of fine horseshoes  & Classy Courses Inc., makers of quality jumps and trail equipment.

Information,  so as to further consider purchase  of the world-class horses, products and related services that are seen on the show will launch mid- February 2009  on  the  EQUUS  HD companion web site

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