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WHDT & WHDN broadcast in HD JESSICA SPRINGSTEIN & her horse Papillon 136 Flawless Win of The George H. Morris Trophy, 8 PM Monday 2/16/06 WHDT and WHDN

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Feel the glory. Experience the horse Papillon 136 take The Boss’ daughter Miss Jessica Springstein to the top in FTI  Winter Equestrian Festival, George H. Morris Excellent Equitation Trophy,  Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Wellington, Florida.

In front of her family and the crowd, 2008 Olympian Gold Winner judges, and crystal clear lens of 720/ 60 P HD cameras (among others), there, live on location , March 13, 2009 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, FTI Winter Equestrian Festival ,  WHDT’s  eieio entertainment captured in stunning first class HD motion pictures and sound, the judged first place faultless performance by Miss Jessica Springstein aboard her gelding Pappillon 136. The judges and HD production  agree, the horse and rider appear as if one.  Or should I say, ‘won”  The George H. Morris Excellent in Equitation Invitational Event  was awarded  to Miss Springstein on that day.

Out of the Boston area, home to WHDN,  Second Place Morris Trophy Winner is Topsfield’s  own Miss Victoria Birdsall aboard Cheyenne in their very notable ride.

” Excellent “as the Morris Trophy is so named, at it’s Latin base, “Ex’  from  ‘Cell”  self .  Miss Springstein’s and her competitors actions and behavior are pure inspiration for modern role model material. This level of excellence endowed by George H. Morris, now has Miss Springstein’s name written all over it with that winning ride on Papillon 136.

Jessica Springstein and Papillon 136 appear again as "Won"  in the FEI Winter Equestrian Event, Palm Beach Florida.

Jessica Springstein and Papillon 136 appear again as "Won" in the FEI Winter Equestrian Event, Palm Beach Florida.

Miss Springstein is the daughter of musician  Bruce “The Boss” Springstein. After Friday’s event, we guessed The Boss’ daughter will now be known as “The Top “ Springstein  as she and Papillon 136 ” thunder rode to home” the trophy.

The equestrian events at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center are fabulous welcoming  family sports events. Palm Beach Country visitors and residents  alike take part by simply going to Wellington, Florida.  Once there at PBIEC, the venue and events transport the audience into  a natural and elegant environment which is appealing. Viewers can partake in comfortable facilities and amenities, connect to timeless pure  instincts within the various horse breeds,  witness mastery, grace, precision of horse and riders as they compete and feel it all working together towards  a best time event.
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Miss Springstein’s flawless top win will be seen on WHDT & WHDN Monday, 8 PM, March 16,2009 within  EQUUS  GAMES  HD. The show  promises the audience to  intimately experience the beauty ,  glory and excitement of excellent equestrian competition and events. WHDT  HD 720/60P production and broadcast further serves to elevate the  pure experience for the audience.

If you missed George H. Morris Invitational, or many other equestrian sports events at PBIEC, and want to go and join WHDT eieio,  they are still going on. Visit the web site at

The original weekly EQUUS  HD and EQUUS  GAMES HD airs only on WHDT/DN  Saturday, Sunday, Monday 8-11 PM. And/or tune in each and every day, for other unique programming options  to WHDT and WHDN West Palm Beach, Miami, Boston.

EQUUS HD EQUUS GAMES HD : Feel The Glory.Tune In  and/or set  your DVR to WHDT and WHDN.


WHDT found throughout Palm Beach, Broward & Miami-Dade Counties, Florida on Channel 44 DTV

WHDN Boston Channel 26.1  DTV

WHDT Palm Beach County also found  on DirecTV Channel 44, Dish Channel 44 as well as  Comcast Cable Channel 438  &  Comcast QAM 44

WHDT Miami-Dade also carried on AT& T Channel 44   &   A&T 1044


South Florida indie TV station WHDT airs Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children’s Christmas Parade Special

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South Florida indie TV Station WHDT
Airs Christmas Special : The 21st Annual National Award Winning Neiman Marcus Adolphus Children’s Parade in HD The parade is themed Santa’s Whimsical Workshop airing on WHDT at 8 PM  Christmas Eve and on NOON Christmas Day .
Scroll  Down for WHDT’s  Channel Guide.

Merry Christmas from WHDT  !  Neiman Marcus Children's Parade Copyright 2008.

Merry Christmas from WHDT ! Neiman Marcus Children's Parade Copyright 2008.

This year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas  Parade celebrates the imagination of kids and adults alike. Benefiting Children’s Medical Center Dallas and created especially for children, the parade will allow viewers to experience the tremendous efforts in the North Pole to prepare for Santa’s biggest night of the year.
2008 Featured Stars include  Spider-Man, Bob the Builder, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Bugs Bunny and Friends, Cabbage Patch Kids, Barney, Strawberry Shortcake, Ice Age, and even the Batmobile! Giant inflatable balloons include Frosty the Snowman, Horton Hears a Who, My Little Pony, Mister Potato Head, Imagine the Elf, Jack in the Box, and more. Equestrian units, marching bands, celebrity animals, clowns and dancers join the line up with the beloved Santa Claus.

WHDT West Palm Beach  Channel Guid
DTV Channel 44
Comcast Channel 438
Comcast clear QAM 44
AT and T Channel 44
AT and T Channel 1044

WHDT Miami Channel Guide
DTV Channel 44
AT and T Channel 44
AT and T Channel 1044