02/27/09 @ 60fps WHDT captures FEI NATIONS CUP first time ever at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

FEI Nations Cup Competition at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

FEI Nations Cup Competition at Palm Beach Equestrian Center

WELLINGTON, Fla., Feb. 27,2009 –Join independent TV station WHDT on location and under the lights tonight to capture in HD the world-class horses &  riders competing for the FEI Nations CupPalm Beach International Equestrian CenterFEI  Nations Cup Wellington, the sports event  festivities and competition will then be broadcast in HD 720/60p throughout South Florida Monday , 8  PM ,  WHDT   DTV Channel  44.1 South Florida and on sister station WHDN   DTV  Channel 26.1 Boston &  on additional satellite and cable providers in South Florida, are found in your TV listings.

Known and noted on the world’s equestrian sports stage, the  FEI Nations Cup is  both an emotional and passionate event.  Unique to tonight is that this event is the only nations cup in the United States.  Tonight’s live  event and Monday’s HD broadcast of  FEI Nations Cup Wellington is for the first time ever opening up , on the top tier,  this classic  sport and event to those outside Europe be they horse owners, sponsors,  riders and us spectators alike.

Palm Beach and WHDT are  a natural  for premiering  FEI  Nations  Cup in  providing a spectacular and alluring richly detailed  HD worthy showplace. All the right amenities with  beautiful  food,  beverage and international people,  along with their horses ,  combine to make this a glorious world-class competitive  sport to experience  live tonight in Wellington  or later broadcast Monday in the finest HD.

Festivities begin at 6:30 p.m.  WHDT,  with its production arm eieio entertainment LLC and supported by the venue itself, will capture the experience with  stunning multi-camera HD  , shot in a 60 frames per second frame rate, allowing for the  rich detailed  moving point of view to be captured from behind the scenes  festivities and with focus pulled into the  magnificent horses and riders themselves.

The eight qualified competing  nations teams were only just chosen and published yesterday, to then appear live in the ring at 7 PM tonight . In the order to go, first  is Mexico’s own Bronte Primera CH with its rider Mr. Manuel Lecuona,  followed by Great Britian, Ireland & Venezuela . Next is the first horse competing for team USA , Quick  Study, Laurel Hough riding. Canada, France & Argentina also rotate within the schedule,   heightening international competition to the climax as to which country will win the coveted FEI Nations Cup presented by CN.

Today, celebrities along with the teams and their  fans from around the world are enjoying Palm Beach and South Florida in anticipation of meeting under their own countries tents and/or  taking their reserved box seats to cheer on their  team in their native language(s). Join them tonight under the lights and cameras and the stars above or tune it all in Monday on WHDT/DN.

General and Box Seat Tickets are Available: www.equestriansport.com or by  Telephone 561-793-5867.

MAP/Directions: Palm Beach International  Equestrian Center http://www.pbcgov.com/parks/equestrian/jimbrandon/directions.htm


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